Hey there!

Since you're here, let me grab some of your time to tell you a bit more about this project. This is one of my favorite websites I've designed so far; the color contrast, the dynamism of the design, even the font is a real jewel! (Not to mention it's available on Google Fonts). This is a website designed for a Gym in California; they won the "San Pedro Small Business of The Year 2022 Award" and needed a website redesign to give it a whole new look that can reflect the success of their business.

The client suggested using Black, Gray, Orange and Blue, just like their old website. I decided to stick only to black, gray and orange in order to keep the design more consistent, using the energy and contrast of the color orange to highlight elements and words throughout the website.
Project Specs

Besides the home page, the client also wanted a Sign Up page to perform as a landing page, including a form and a calendar to schedule a free class. This is why the home page also makes a strong emphasis on signing up for a free class.
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