Hey there!

I'm happy this project caught your attention! Since you're here, let me tell you a little bit more about it. The Reserve BnB is an agency founded by Airbnb expert Robert Hall, they help upcoming and established short term rental owners to save time and headaches by managing their properties.
The client wanted their website to feel luxurious, while keeping a simple and clean look. I chose "Lunar Green" as the main color, and "Ecro" yellow as complementary. I found both colors to be the perfect match. As per the fonts selection: Ubuntu, a Google web font designed by Dalton Maag that immediately won my heart. The curves in the body of each letter give this typography an opulent presence when combined with this specific color palette, while keeping a clean, easy-to-read aesthetic.
Project Specs

Two of the most important requirements for this website were the ability to book online consultations and also a reservations system for the properties available. Both, achieved thanks to the tools offered by Wix technology (Wix Hotels and Wix Bookings).
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