Hey there!

I'm happy this project caught your attention! Since you're here, let me tell you a little bit more about it. Karen Belland is an entrepreneur; she dedicates her life not only to her family, but also to encouraging and coaching other women in building their own income properties to help create the lifestyle and life they love. Karen is also a successful Airbnb entrepreneur.

Karen asked to keep a minimalist style for her website, using only black and gray as the main colors. Instead of using pure black, we chose a dark gray (almost black) to give the site a lighter look. As per the fonts choice, we found Marcellus to be the perfect type for this project; it has a Roman inspiration while it keeps a beautiful, clean style, perfect for screens, elegant and easy to read. We also use the ol' reliable Helvetica for long paragraphs and blog posts.
Project Specs

Karen needed a website to share her knowledge with other entrepreneur women, complementing her YouTube channel and other social media platforms content. This is why the website focuses mostly on the blog, while also displaying a call to acttion section to schedule coaching sessions with Karen.
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